East of Nara, surrounded by the grandeur of Mt. Wakakusayama.
Overlook the scenic beauty of Nara Park, Todaiji Temple and other historic places.
We preserve the ancient history and culture of Nara
and provide the best service (Omotenashi) for our guests.
Take a leave from busy urban life.
Come here and have a moment of relaxation in Ando Hotel Nara Wakakusayama!


A place with a superb panorama view of Nara,
one of 3 Best Night Views in Japan.
Todaiji Temple, Kofukuji Temple and other ancient places blend with the modern cityscape.
On the hillside of Mt.Wakakusayama, where you can enjoy the beauty of the landscape as a moving painting.


  • Comfort twin bedroom

    38m² room with 2 double-size beds.
    2F and 3F with a forest view.
    En suite bathroom  50-inch LED TV  Minibar  [ 4 guests max. ]

  • King double bedroom

    38m² room with 1 king-size bed.
    3F with a forest view overlooking the mountains.
    En suite bathroom  50-inch LED TV  Minibar  [ 2 guests max. ]

  • Premier view twin bedroom

    45m² room with 2 double-size beds.
    3F with a forest view overlooking the mountains.
    En suite bathroom  50-inch LED TV  Minibar  [ 4 guests max. ]

  • Panoramic view twin bedroom

    45m² room with 2 double-size beds.
    5F with a view of the Mt.wakakusayama and Mt.Yamatosanzan
    En suite bathroom  50-inch LED TV  Minibar  [ 4 guests max. ]

  • Deluxe Family Room

    45m² room with 4 single-size beds.
    2F and 3F with a view of forest and part of the mountains.
    En suite bathroom  50-inch LED TV  Minibar  [ 4 guests max. ]

  • Penthouse Suite

    Top of hotel (6F).
    110m² suite room with 2 king-size beds and 1 wide sofa-bed.
    A 180-degree view of the Nara city and the mountains.
    Terrace with fire pit. An exclusive outdoor bathroom.
    Living room: 54m²/ Terrace: 56m²
    Indoor shower room/ Outdoor bathroom
    Minibar/ Mini kitchen [ 5 guests max. ]


  • Rooftop baths

    4 outdoor bathrooms with a great view of the Nara city.
    3 of them are reservable. (1 room 1 reservation limited)
    Charter: 50 minutes
    Available time: 15:00-24:00, 6:00-10:00
    Shower room attached
    2 adults and 1 child max.
    To use the bathroom at the time you prefer, an advance reservation by phone is recommended.

  • Public baths

    On the 2nd floor of the hotel. One male’s and one female’s.
    Available time: 15:00-24:00, 6:00-10:30


Tradition and modernity,
combined in each of our Japanese dishes.

As the main dining room, Terrace Wakakusayama (Japanese Cuisine) inherits the modestly developed food culture of Nara as well as presents new ideas on the menu.

※Dinner cannot be prepared for arrivals after check-in time of 18:30


We provide various Japanese(Yamato)
natural and cultural activities.

Surrounded by the serenity of Mt. Wakakusayama,
find a moment of peace in Ando Hotel.
You can enjoy hiking in the forest,
Wakashi(Japanese snacks)making,
Sake making and other unique activities in Nara.

  • Night Sky Tour

    On the top of Mt. Wakakusayama.
    Enjoy the starry night and beautiful night view on the highest of Nara.
    Departure time: 21:00
    Free to join
    No reservation required

  • Firewood chopping and bonfire

    Enjoy the time with your family and friends in the hotel’s open space.
    Open at 10:00
    Free and no reservation required
    Let the staff know when you want to use

  • Marshmallow Roasting

    After Stargazing Tour, gather around the warm fireplace in the lobby, warm up, and roast some marshmallow.
    Prepared by staff after the tour. You can also inform the staff when you want to play.

We also provide other seasonal activities, contact us for more information.


By train and bus

JR Express to JR Nara station
From Osaka Station: 50min. From Kyoto Station 45min.
From KIX: 90min.
Kintetsu Railway to Kintetsu Nara Station
From Namba Station: 40min. From Kyoto Station: 35min.
From ITM: 80min.
Limousine Bus to JR Nara Station
From KIX: 90min. From ITM: 90min.

By car

From Osaka: 60-80min. From Kyoto: 50-90min.
Free shuttle bus to hotel
From Kintetsu Nara Station and JR Nara Station: 10min.

Free shuttle bus
  • JR Nara Station

    Rotary at the east gate of the station
    Departure time:
    15:00, 16:00, 17:00, 18:00

  • Kintetsu Nara Station

    On the left side of the No.1 exit of the station
    Departure time:
    15:10, 16:10, 17:10, 18:10

Please contact us in advance.
From hotel to train station: at 9:15, 10:15, 11:15.
Please inform our staff in advance.

At the foot of Mount Wakakusa, boasting a panoramic view of the ancient capital, Nara